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Hi there! You’ve stumbled upon my very first blog post! In case you didn’t get enough of an introduction from the “About Me” page, let me provide a little more context here: I’m a sophomore journalism student braving the newsroom of the Columbia Missourian, and this blog will feature all of the peaks and valleys that come along this semester. I’ll be reporting on the wild world of education, and honestly could not be more excited about it (nor more nervous).

Today concluded my very first day in the newsroom, not to mention my very first day of the new semester. To say it was a whirlwind, well, would be akin to calling a tsunami a splash. Is that too dramatic? Probably. In all seriousness, it was a crazy, stressful and exciting day. I came into the newsroom this morning with a story idea, which became the apple of my eye for the remainder of the day.

Missouri happens to be ranked ninth in the nation for food insecurity – a statistic we should all care about. The Missouri Foundation of Health recently awarded a 5-year, $500,000 grant to two MU centers in the hope to help out eight mid-Missouri food pantries. The grant, in part, will go to funding community gardens, with the hope that pantry clients will learn to grow their own healthy veggies and fruits. It was a blast to report about such an encouraging topic, though it was a challenge to wrap up the article by deadline. If today taught me anything (and believe me, it did), it’s that I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m going to be able to report my little heart out this semester on topics I’m passionate about. I hope you join me for the journey!

Check out my first article here: Grant to provide mid-Missouri food pantries with community gardens, nutrition education.


About carolinebmn

Caroline Bauman is proud to be a University of Missouri student and an aspiring journalist. She is not quite as proud of her coffee addiction, however.


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