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Photo credit to Katie Yaeger

Photo credit – Katie Yaeger

Last post, I correlated (loosely) the field of journalism to the art of spying. In this post, I’m correlating (even more loosely) journalism to space. Don’t roll your eyes quite yet.

Photo credit - Katie Yaeger

Photo credit – Katie Yaeger

Think of it this way — space is infinite. We can never learn everything there is to know about space, because our little, human minds just weren’t made for that kind of grandeur. I’m definitely not saying journalism is the grandest calling out there, but what I am saying is that journalists can never fully master their craft. Even if I am a reporter in Columbia for the rest of my life, every story I write will teach me (and the public) something new. As a journalist, we never run out of things to learn. That’s pretty awesome.

Just for example, my fellow reporter, Katie Yaeger, and I journeyed to space this past week for our multimedia project. Every year, the Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association brings students from all over the state together for a one-week space simulation. What’s amazing about this simulation is that it is completely student run. They choose the fate of their mission, this year’s being based on the rover Curiosity, which landed on Mars. It was amazing to see these kids – fully decked out in space suits – speak so intelligently about everything from mechanics to NASA stats. They even simulated an accident on board the space shuttle and how they would respond (see below).

I never would have known about this truly awesome program if I hadn’t gone in search of a story. And that’s why journalism is like space. We just never stop learning.

Photo credit - Katie Yaeger

Photo credit – Katie Yaeger


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Caroline Bauman is proud to be a University of Missouri student and an aspiring journalist. She is not quite as proud of her coffee addiction, however.



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