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The first 30 minutes

The first 30 minutes after an article is published are some of the scariest. I send the link out to sources, hoping and trusting that I didn’t commit some grievous error they are about to catch. 

I think I held my breath for the entire 30 minutes when the Title IX story I have been working on was finally published on Tuesday. So far — no mistakes, no stupid oversights. With a topic that I believe to be so important, I desperately wanted to get everything right the first time. 

The feedback on the article has been incredible, and I am so grateful my editor pushed me as much as she did to get this information out there. Now comes a part that’s arguably even harder than those first 30 minutes. Now comes the waiting. 
This is an article I really want to bring change to this campus. At the very least, I hope it inspires serious dialogues about how MU handles (or doesn’t handle) reporting of Title IX incidents. 
 As journalists, we have the incredible opportunity to start conversations. We are able to point to areas of our society that need light shed. But, ultimately, we are not policy makers or activists. We point and hope our community looks. 
I really hope our community looks on this one. Not because it’s my byline, but because of how important I believe this issue to be.