An autumn in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium is my exciting new city for the fall 2013 semester. My home within this beautiful European capital is the Financial Times Brussels bureau, where I have the great honor of interning. It’s sure to be a humbling, enlightening and ultimately life-changing experience.  


Motion stillness: a prelude to interning abroad 

As my European adventure kicks off, I’m reminded the true benefit of travel lies in sojourning, not wandering.

Two-week travel journal: a second prelude to interning abroad

Over two weeks, my family and I saw parts of France, Belgium and Germany.

“Life in the former European Union.”

One of the first experiences I had in Brussels, this “museum” changed the way I view the EU and Europe in general.

Land of beer, waffles and comics

Three weeks in, those three words sum up my study abroad experience so far.

A note on nerves

Reflections on how ridiculously nervous I was to start my internship and how excited I am to continue it.

A Bauman returns to the Rhineland

Notes on my mecca to what was once the land of the Baumanns.

Traversing a summit

My first experience at an EU summit was quite the learning opportunity.

Traveling with sight – Spain edition

Reflections from a weeks spent in Barcelona and Madrid.

You’ve taken ‘way my breathe now, once again

Possibly my favorite place in Europe so far: the land of milk, honey and mountains.

Scenes from London

Snapshots from a weekend across the channel.

Caroline goes to the monks

As my semester abroad draws to a close, I escape the busyness of Brussels for a weekend with the monks of Westmalle.

merci beaucoup

A farewell ode/fanfare/swan song/etc. to four months in a wonderful place.



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